How to find a part-time job with no work experience

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Job hunting is a process—and often, a very long one. Even with all the experience in the world, there’s never a guarantee that an opportunity will come to fruition. Especially right now, during the pandemic, finding a job is a job in itself and people are having to find creative ways to get themselves out there.

Many people right now are struggling with a uniquely challenging thing: how to find a job with no work experience. For those who don’t have any work experience, finding even a part-time job could feel like a particularly difficult task. Truthfully, getting noticed for a part-time role when you don’t have job experience just means that you need to highlight your hireable traits and attributes even more clearly.

In a situation like this, putting together a resume that showcases some sort of ability to commit and get the job done will go a long way. It’s not always required for basic part-time work, but it can help you stand out. For certain jobs, putting together an audition or test will go a long way as well. 

Say, for example, you’re applying for a part-time writing job that doesn’t require too much experience. You can showcase your ability to write and do the job by writing a mock article that’s similar to the content the employer has on their website. Additionally, writing a cover letter or thoughtful piece to include in your application can go a long way. This will show the employer right away that you can do the job and that you’re serious about the opportunity. 

Another good place to start with finding part-time work when you have no experience is to make a list of places to apply, and get organized. This will help you get an idea of what you’re up against, what the job market is like, and even which jobs are your priorities. You can even make a list of what your career goals are, and try to match job opportunities to the long-term goals you have for your life. Getting your foot in the door is the main objective when it comes to starting out your career. 

If you’ve got a high school or college education but no job experience, relying on your education and knowledge can go a long way when looking for a part-time job as well. These days, opinions on education over experience vary—around one in two hiring managers believe that bachelor’s degrees hold high value.

It’s also important to level your expectations when it comes to the kind of part-time work you may be eligible for. It’s important to be prepared for rejection, but you can also highlight skills that can provide leverage for getting an opportunity. Skills like communication, writing, customer service, problem solving, and teamwork can all be extremely helpful in a part-time role and can help you stand out if you know how to highlight them. 

At the end of the day, after an interview or application, make sure to follow up with the employer and express gratitude for the opportunity. Also make sure to project confidence, because that will make you a memorable candidate regardless of your work experience. Ultimately, navigating the job market is about being prepared, and if you’re doing it with no work experience it’ll benefit you tremendously to prepare in an even more strategic and organized way.

— Article by Sean Kelly, an analyst researching the latest industry trends for College Recruiter

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