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Members of this community are interested in careers that involve working with people, solving complex problems, and innovating. Often these careers include fast-paced environments, opportunities for upward mobility, and expectations of staff to exceed goals and perform at a high level.

People who pursue careers in business and finance develop strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills.

Cal State LA offers degree and professional development programs that can lead to a career in business and finance. These include:

Examples of career pathways include (but are not limited to): management, finance, operations, supply chain, human resources, business information technology, marketing, events, accounting, international business, investment banking, and consulting.

The Business & Finance Community acts as a helpful guide and encourages lifelong learning. Become involved in this community by submitting a guest blog, job, employer profile, event, class, or resource to be featured, or explore new content pulled in weekly to learn more about your career options.

7 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting To The Next Interview Stage And How To Fix It

Interviews for senior-level executive roles differ from entry-level job interviews in many ways.

While being on time, having a strong handshake, and researching the company is enough to impress the recruiter when applying for junior positions, for senior executives is …

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5 Job Search Strategies You Need to Know

A recent study found that 80% of executives are open to new opportunities, but only 26% of them are actually successful in finding one. So what’s the problem?

What Are the 5 Ways to Find a Job in 2022?

With …

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Local Airport Concession Operator Concord Collection Lands Big Deal at LAX


A great crisis also creates great opportunity, so El Segundo-based airport concession investor and operator Greg Plummer took his chance last year when he engineered the …

By PaGE Career Services
PaGE Career Services
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Salary Data and Occupational Outcomes for Hospitality Services Management Majors

72.5% of recent graduates in this major are employed full-time. These are the top occupations for recent graduates in Hospitality Services Management:

First Year Avg. Salary
Pct of Hospitality Services Management grads in this occ

Food Service Managers

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates in Healthcare: Discover Your Path

Career opportunities for MBA graduates are wide-ranging. From the excitement of running a startup to the rush of managing a big project, there are hundreds of unique ways to use the degree. Right now, one of the most dynamic industries—healthcare—is …

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Career Resources


This resource is available to PaGE and DTLA degree, Paralegal Studies and Project Management students.

Résumés & Cover Letters

What is the purpose of a resume?

Many job seekers assume that the purpose of a resume is to provide …

Career Exploration : Self-Assessment

Focus 2 Career – provides valid and reliable assessments including Work Interests-Holland Code, Personality, Values, Skills, Leisure Interests and Career Planning …

Building Your Professional Development Plan

Think of your career/professional development plan as a way to cultivate your professional brand. Meaning, an intentional plan to grow …

Informational Interviews

Networking for career exploration is one of the best ways to begin exploring career paths. Having a conversation with a …

Job FutureCaster

Job FutureCaster allows you to select jobs that are of interest to you and see what the future prospects for …

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