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Certificate Program in Leadership in Downtown LA

Offered at Cal State LA Downtown, the non-credit Certificate Program in Leadership develops leaders at all stages of career growth and professional development, including aspirational leaders. Designed to increase the capacity for change and adaptation for newly oriented leaders or those seeking leadership roles, Cal State LA’s program helps individuals develop and master core competencies for both themselves and their teams. Dr. Glickman’s (see instructor bio below) curriculum provides action learning opportunities for students to explore and develop a leadership style that is authentic, empowers and fosters collaboration with others to create positive change in their lives, communities, and workplaces. Developing leadership skills around communication (persuasiveness and listening), diversity and inclusion are incorporated throughout the program providing students learning opportunities to hone their unique strengths even further.

Students will master the following leadership competencies:

Self-effectiveness (accountability to self and team)
Self-confidence (trusting your own abilities)
Group dynamics (interrelationships/delegating)
Critical thinking (analyzing/problem solving)
Feedback & decision-making (motivating/prioritizing)
Innovation (creativity/process improvement)

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