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Today, there are many options for career changers. At first glance, options may seem a bit overwhelming- Do I go back to school and get another degree? Do look for a certificate program to enhance my skills? Whether you are seeking a traditional degree, certificate, or certification, it is important to know what route is especially right for you.

Pros of Earning a Certificate

  • Equips you with new skills to shift into a new career
  • Can substantially enhance your resume and skillset
  • Provides an opportunity to expand your network
  • Programs are typically shorter in length than obtaining a degree

Pros of Earning a Degree

  • Gives you a leg up in the workforce than those with a high school diploma
  • Makes you more marketable in a competing job market
  • Expands your mind in a specific area
  • Challenges you in personal and professional growth
  • Improve career prospects
  • Boost your salary and economic health

If you are thinking about changing careers, consider vising the CareerOneStop, it is a great place to do some skill assessment, and explore career options.

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